Saturday, 22 May 2010

It's not just Echidnas she guides.

I received this email from my Son Tom who is currently travelling and working in Australia today -

you will probably be glad to hear that im not in Bowen any more. I went to a working hostel where i was number 19 on the list and stayed there for 4 days but nothing changed. 2 of my friends found a different place further north in the bush. I am number 2 on their list so should be working soon. Will be picking peppers or rock melons.
forgot to tell you, when i was in Batlow i was working with an English girl for 2 months. just the 2 of us on the orchard. One night a fiew of us were sitting round the fire and she started talking about your book and that she had read it three years ago when she was last in oz. She started telling me the story so i finnished it off for her. When i told her you were my dad it really freaked here out. Then i went to pick mandarins in gaynda after that. I was sitting in the camp site waiting for a job and two people appeared, a Scottish girl and her Italian boyfriend. I had numbers for work but no transport and they were also looking for work so i phoned the numbers and got us a job 80 km north in a place called Eidsvold. We moved up there, worked together and became very good friends. After the work ended they asked me if i would like to go to the beach for a fiew days with them. I was going north but they had to go to Sydney to meet the girls mum. They decided we would go to 1770 where i could easily get a bus up to Bowen. When we got there all the places seemed a bit expensive for camping so we asked a local if he knew anywhere cheaper. He told us about a cheep camp site in Agnus Water, only 5 dollars a night, so we went and set up camp. We were sitting eating dinner at night, and the conversation was getting quite deep. They knew i was going to Bowen and i told them that you thought it might get hit with an asteroid. This made them very interested so i decided to show them your dvd. After 30 seconds the girl paused the film and looked at me in total shock. She then told me that she had met a man when they were in the pub in Gaynda who had told her the the story. I laughed and said was his name Rob by any chance. She said yes. This was the same day that i read your email telling me to look out for Rob! We started to watch the rest of the film and were all freaked out again when it got to the bit about Rob and the fact that he came from Agnus water and that was where the code started. I had not remembered that from watching the film before. When i was leaving for the bus the girl gave me a cuddle and made me promise not to be in Bowen on the 22nd. I left Bowen yesterday.

My reply -

Wow, that's brilliant Tom it's amazing how the little way gets it around, it's a big world out there but you keep meeting them. July 22nd is the date the code keeps linking to in an amazing way, it seems to be using that date as a focal point for all the warnings. The numbers in that date isolate all the same warning links.
I don't know what it's about in detail yet but it has certainly been used to remind people about the warnings.
If you isolate a particular set of numbers in the code it leaves a unique set of letters. The numbers in that date 22.7.10 are designed to isolate real timed messages for the real people that are currently involved with me on a daily basis. Most of them are in Australia.
Bowen has come up twice in a synchronised way, just at the time the code linked to Bowen while I was emailing Brett Ryan he got an email from Bowen from a relative named ERIC who was on holiday there.
The code then uses two Erics to identify Oban and Bowen and dates the day of Bretts Bowen email from Eric. 

(Note, as Tom already knows, Eric is the name of my old friend in Oban too, Oban is the other town that has always been linked to the meteor warning)

Yesterdays blog post is a classic example of how the warning connected to that date, or those numbers, keeps happening. I will put it at the end of this note.
The whole link to Helen Kogan, now in Australia has been exceptionally amazing but the fact that it's all happening there, after the Chile quake showed that a tsunami can reach Australia makes me think that at least part of this warning is directed to the east coast of Australia for a reason, so, it may not be Bowen on July 22nd but I would not be there then just in case and it would be wise to keep your eye on American west coast quakes at that time.
All I really know for sure is that all the timed links have been set up by design and that date is the date that is being used to do it, for other reasons, it is also a very special date in the plan. Pi Day and M.M's feast day.

The Agnes Water thing was brilliant, here's the latest blog post, you should take some time to look at the whole Max Igan Brett Ryan link particularly Waco Eloise Bryan on the page section of the blog above the links, there is a very big link to Texas that started at that time, when the Eloise synchronicity happened to Helen in Byron Bay
ELOISE = SEE OIL. It was timed to the oil leak in the gulf of Mexico. BP and Halliburton are based in Texas.

I have a feeling that something big is going to happen there too. The oil disaster already is very big.

Yesterday's blog post

The Byron Echidna date link email.

was attached at this point.

Then after sending Tom's reply I found these code lines -



Meaning that the timing of Tom's email, the first since April 21st, was planned by the same coder that took the Echidna on it's trip to Max's bedroom.





The Echidna link happened yesterday, 21.5.10 when I watched Max Igan's youtube video about the Echidna's visit. Tom's numbers add up to 21.

Don't miss the point....... the code identifies that fact.

With absolute clarity -

TOM'S 19,2, No's DATE 21.5.10 R.KELLY ECHIDNA PR.

(The date Tom left BOWEN)

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