Thursday, 20 May 2010


Anyone with half a brain knows that 911 was a set up done by the forces of evil in human form. There is no enlightenment in knowing that, history has consistently proven to us that humanity and evil are not separate.
Knowing about 911 and all the other scams the morons among us have pulled over the gullible innocents is only the start of understanding, it's just a wake up call, nothing more.

The real enlightenment is out of their league. It is freedom beyond anything that evil can ever attempt to deny, it is life itself and the real truth about what that is.

Life is eternally real and eternally beautiful.

If it comes to a time when the morons who are incapable of valuing the truth think they can gain by taking your life as they have already done to so many like us let them 'have it'.

Because as wise words once said, the truth will set you free.

They can never take the truth away.

By such insane activity they can only take themselves further from the understanding of it

So have compassion for them in their hour of great need.

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