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Chile Earthquake

A very important sequence of synchronised code links occurred yesterday that show the real reason for my recent connections to Julie Redknapp's 'Annie Oakley' forum.

The main points of it will be posted tomorrow.

What happened in Chile is totally connected to the subject of this entire blog and specifically with the Chile earthquake warning in the very first blog post - THE BIG ONE?

Yesterdays quake, massive though it was is not the big one, it was just a demonstration of the potential.

Readers of this blog should understand the full significance of the Chile quake and tsunami

You can see the full list of comment sequences that occurred on Julie Redknapp's forum at -

They illustrate a very big problem very well. The inability of people to apply the faculty of reason.

They also demonstrate the nature of the bipolarity that governs human thought. Try to show them something that is both real and important and the response from the majority of people will be one of extreme ignorance and venomous, demonic attack.

When I first made a comment on the forum I had no expectation of it turning into the mammoth display of that fact, I posted my comment using Elaine's face book link as I didn't have one of my own and could not open another one without starting a new email address as Elaine had used my address to open her account. I had no desire to have to keep switching email addresses to keep up with my mail and the responses from the forum.

I was not trying to disguise my identity, I put my blog address in my comments several times.

When Julies nasty responses started coming THICK and fast she seized upon the opportunity to attack my credibility by trying to make it appear that I am a transvestite and a big fat old one to boot and started addressing me as SHEMALE despite the fact that I told them who I am and why I had used Elaine's link.
She started posting links to perverse pictures, that only really served to illustrate the depraved nature of her liars mind.

She who used ANNIE OAKLEY and later Little Orphan Annie as her profile names and icon pictures, unbeknown to her,by God's great wisdom.

Even my use of Elaine's profile was a part of that wisdom as, having already accused me of disguising my identity, when my friend Richard Dixon in Portugal joined in the conversation under the name XEqualsRDspared to back my argument Julie immediately accused him of being me.

Richard had tried to make it appear that he was an interested onlooker who did not know me, but I quickly pointed out who he was, where he was and that I was not happy about the way he did that. I had no idea that he was going to do it and have an email from his wife that can prove it.
When Julie kept on insisting that I was lying about not being Richard, Richard posted photographs of himself in Portugal holding up a Portuguese newspaper and a card with Julies name on it on his Xequals profile page along with a copy of his photo ID drivers licence.
Of course, that did not constitute proof to dim witted 'Annie' who is still insisting that I am Richard.

Later, Identically timed posts from Richard and myself appeared on the comments several times in quick succession.
It was obvious to any onlooker with half a brain that I am not Richard because he also posted photos of me and him together in India and my own identity is clearly proven on the Five Days In Varkala film linked to this blog.

As readers of the blog post 'What a gas' will see, Julie linked herself to the subject of the BEANO comic by sending me a link to the BEANO website.
That link BACKFIRED on her in the synchronicity that followed and ended up by me sending her a link to BEANO, a remedy for flatulence and embarrassing wind problems. The type of smelly problems caused by eating beans.

Later I decided to see if Julie would spot a real proxy Ross so I set up a face book account under the name HANS ZEBEIN and posted comments as if from an idiot foreigner with an English language problem. The really funny thing about it is that it took Julie a long time to spot it, she was even agreeing with 'Hans' and all the time not realizing that the name is an anagram of HEINZ BEANS.

Even when, as Elaine later discovered, it was shown to gormless Julie that the code I had already demonstrated to her, THE ONE I CAN PROVE I HAVE BEEN DEMONSTRATING SINCE 2002 also says-

HANS ZEBEIN AT CHAT ROOM - ROSS KELLY DID IT....and she still didn't get the point!!

It turned out of course that there was a very important reason for the entire dialogue as it led to the proving that the timing of the Chile earthquake and tsunami were precoded in the Iron Rod key and the Sauniere parchment key, not that 'Annie' has the brains to notice.

The photographic proof of R.D being in Portugal was also vital to God's plan as it later transpired that the massive storm that hit Portugal, Spain and France, the one that killed 51 people, was identified in the code lines as R.D'S BAD STORM. The purpose of the timing of that storm was to prove the precoded timing of Chile. Note the fact that the two places hit really badly by that storm are Spain and France.

Haiti used to be French and Chile,Spanish.

This is part of it -

Here's a clue or two about how well set up it was -

After Julie (Annie Oakley) had called the code shit a few times I sent her this -

PI MATHS -3.141592653 - "DIRT" TO ANNIE OAKLEY !!!


Note the way that the code line that times Chile uses the already connected DIRT link, earth is dirt.

It is also saying that the thing she calls shit is warning her by identifying the Chile date that just happens to be isolated in the key by a name - ANNIE OAKLEY.

Richard in Portugal, R.D, re-sent Julie these code lines -

Just incase anyone other than INANE diversion can't remember....the point...

Watch for the foolish warped response to this incredible mathematics.



Then I found out why the hurricane in Portugal where Richard is was happening.. to allow the code to place the bad storm by R.D's initials having already proven with photographs that R.D is in Portugal.

A hurricane force storm is about to hit Portugal where R.D is.
The code uses the timed Chile Annie Oakley link to pin that storm -

Sat at 12:33pm ·
Elaine Kelly


Thats why the storm in Portugal is happening, to allow me to
prove the timing of the Chile catastrophe by R.D, and as we
all know, there is plenty of photographic proof that Richard
Dixon is in Portugal, God is very good at planning things.
Sat at 12:47pm

The code line about Zebein relates to a proxy name I had used to take the piss out of Julie, the name HANS ZEBEIN, an anagram of Heinz Beans.

After doing so I found that the code says this -


The Oklahoma link is there in the code because a quake happened there on the 27th too and if you Google Annie Oakley Oklahoma you will find that Oklahoma university press published her biography. That's the link. Two quakes connected to her on the same day.

The very next email I received after saying Happy Pi day to the nasty people on Julie's forum was from Helen Kogan, the lady you can read about in THE BIG ONE? It was in response to this one from me to her -

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 8:10 AM, ross kelly <> wrote:
Did you understand the full significance of the Chile quake and tsunami ?

Helen's reply -

Yes. I think so.
Just caught up by reading your blog.
Portugal and Spain eh?
Where is the bigger one to come going to be?
Brazil? Mexico?
I head to Mexico on the 8th March.
Mary Magdalene is every where I look. Was reading over our old messages about her last night

Pi day is July 22nd, the feast day of Mary Magdalene.

Helen had not seen the Pi day link.

THE BIG ONE? is the very first post on this blog. See archive - November 2009.

The really big one is going to occur in the same place coupled with one off the coast of Oregon as THE BIG ONE? post clearly demonstrates and it will happen on the 22nd day of a month in the not far distant future.

It may be of importance to note the countries named in Helen's email and the fact that March 14th is also celebrated as a Pi day, based on the first three numbers of Pi and the American dating system - 3.14

Mexico city is prone to earthquakes too.

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