Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Fly on a wall.

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle dee.

A.C - we tried the 911 card and the sympathy vote and the old conspiracy theory trick, what next T.B ?, I know, what about this one, the truth is we really did it to save the world from global warming caused by methane emissions from Saddam's Fa'art party?

T.B - Ba'ath !,..... pardon me.

A.C - But T.B, I thought you said that you would pardon me like G.B and his brother.

T.B - No silly, it was the Ba'ath party, and anyway you of all people should know you can't believe what I say.

A.C - Sorry, I forgot again, ok T.B, don't panic, water vapour's just as bad as methane, get it? Ba'ath party!

T.B - Well, nice spin A.C but this time it's no good , y'know, we don't want people thinking about hot air,it's too close to home.

A.C - That's it T.B, we'll just ask R.M again! He could get away with murder.

T.B - I thought I told you not to say that word it brings up thoughts of that meddling Dr k.

A.C - Oh, please don't make my cry again T.B, I'll get it right if those f32king doctors get it into court, suicide you said didn't you.

T.B - Yes, SUICIDE,that reminds me A.C, did you remember to take your pills today?

A.C - I find them hard to swallow.

T.B - That's just the trouble A.C so did he.

A.C - I wish we hadn't brought that up T.B.

T.B - What, Dr K?

A.C. No, hot air and hard to swallow, those words are scaring me.

T.B - Shut up A.C, shut up, f32k this I'm off to see George, America might save us.

A.C - What, like they saved Iraq?

T.B - No, like they saved G.W.B you plonker, and while I'm away just you keep on telling them what a great guy I am, got it?

A.C - But you are great T.B you told me so.

T.B - I know, truth is I'M THE GREATEST, now go.

If this gormless dialogue reminds you of real living people that is purely coincidental -

Speaking of coincidence, in truth there really is none.

And why is this on this blog?

Well. at least one A.C's ex girlfriend J.D, now sadly no longer with us, would have understood if she was.

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