Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Operation Snow White 2?

Two days after the What a gas post that shows how synchronicity led me to the theme of Snow White I am adding an explanation of why I think it happened. I note that it fits very closely to yesterday's Ghost theme about a story in which America protects a Tony Blair like ex British PM who is wanted for war crimes.

The whole of that apparently comical sequence that ended on the subject of Snow White left me wondering why that, why Snow White?

As I know from personal experience that Govt intelligence agencies use the names of fairy tales, names like Tintin, Winnie the pooh and in my own case Paddington Bear as code names for secret operations I Googled Operation Snow White and found that it is the code name of a covert operation run by Scientologists who infiltrated American government offices and removed files that contained reports of negative Scientology activities.

It was code named Snow White because it was an attempt to make them look squeaky clean.

This current Snow White link coincided with the timing of the recent heavy snow falls on the American east coast, particularly the ones in Washington so it points me there, just after Blair's visit to rally the support of the American people, with the aid of the Fox news network.
I have to wonder whether it means that America is doing a new Snow White operation of their own to hide all incriminating evidence of a conspiracy to invade Iraq agreed on by Tony Blair.

I should add the fact that after reading about operation Snow White I went to the kitchen to tell Elaine about it then returned to the living room just as somebody in a television interview was saying " I am becoming a Scientologist on Saturday", I saw that as synchronised confirmation of my theory.

To people who have a limited understanding of synchronicity, where it comes from and why it happens that will seem to be an odd statement. The contents of this blog can help you with that understanding and a whole lot more than that.

And while we are reconnected to the gas link, here's another one -

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