Sunday, 14 February 2010

What a gas.

This is a classic synchronicity sequence posted on Julie Redknapp's opposition forum at

See the copy below.

July likes to call me SHEMALE because I used Elaine's Facebook link to make the posts, little things please little minds.

The top post is in response to Julies reply to the first Blair acronym -

Note carefully the fact that Julie Redknapp sent me the first link to BEANO and the Eureka link to earlier posts on this blog in the Julie Valentine web page and the beans in the little mouses bottom in the Bashful mouse page and the fact that the second Beano link solves the problem that comes from peoples arses often caused by beans.
In this instance the inference seems to be that it might prevent an earthquake in Hammersmith.
Note the way that my link to the name Bashful after Julie sent me the first BEANO link in response to my VALENTINE acronym was not actually connected to the Beano comic as it is the name of one of the seven dwarfs in the Snow White story.
When I realised my apparent error, that led to the other Bashful connections on web pages that followed it I wondered why the spontaneous sequence of events had now made a connection to the Snow White theme. The answer to that was discovered just after I added the next little snippet to this blog, see below and understand this - TIMING IS EVERYTHING.
It all happened as an active demonstration of synchronised planning by the Ana coder, God.

Elaine Kelly .......


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Julie's response is an acronym of SHEMALE
Julie Redknapp
Julie Redknapp

Some might think so.
Have you considered the other side's view?
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Many people think differently than you.
A majority of our citizen's re-elected him after the War.
Let's just agree that Britain's preservation is paramount.
Even political opposites can agree on that one.
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Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
Capital, Julie.
5 hours ago ·
Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly


4 hours ago ·
Elaine Kelly
4 hours ago
(When I linked to the Julie Valentine web page I found that it is connected to Eureka, a theme that has come up on this blog a lot recently in connection with both Archimedes and earthquakes.)

She sent me the next link in response to my Valentine acronym. Which I jokingly saw as a bashful response.
Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
Wasn't Bashful in that?
3 hours ago

So I sent her a Bashful Teddy Bear and a dog and a mouse that linked me back to Julies Beano theme by the beans in the mouses bottom, now we all know that beans can create an explosive problem in that region and see what happened next.
Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
You see! there's an answer to everything,even beans in her bottom.
28 minutes ago ·

Now consider this.

One anagram of the code formula that I have been demonstrating for the past eight years says this -


Another tells you why it's not really about Julie, just her misguided point of view -


Pease watch the Varkala film to understand the simple rules of the Ana code, where the code comes from and why it was sent.....

Another interesting link that came up today that will also be better understood by watching that film is this one -

Huge Waves Wipe Out

Crowd At Surf Contest

Two huge waves hit spectators at

the world's most lucrative surfing

competition, leaving some in hospital

with serious injuries.Skip related content


More than a dozen spectators were bowled over by the sea surge onto the rocky shore at the Mavericks competition in Half Moon Bay, a California harbour town 25 miles south of


San Francisco is the area in California where

Eureka is. The site of two recent earthquakes.

There is another Half moon Bay on Stewart

Island in New Zealand where the town of OBAN


Then I went back to the Arrest Blair site at - and found this -

Blanche Neige ... Once upon a time ...

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Pandada Dada
Pandada Dada
yahoo..keep up the good work snow white
3 hours ago
Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
She arrived just on time,Bashful was one
of the seven dwarfs - See todays post on this blog -

The blogspot is aptly named.

As I am rapidly proving to the shame of Tony Blair,

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