Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Julie's next folly.

Today another tedious dialogue occurred between myself, Julie Redknapp and a few other sadly lacking individuals.
Julie started the show with an attempt to mock God's anagram codes by using the names Elaine Richard and Ross.
I had previously warned her that there are two sides to this reality and that it is unwise to be aligned with the God denying negative but she didn't listen.
I have deleted most of the posts that followed to spare you from the trivia and left the thing that makes the appropriate point. A point that was denied credence by the opposition as is their right.

Julie Redknapp

For the anagram fans:

Ross + Richard + Elaine = Diarrheal Necrosis

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50 of 60
Elaine Kelly

Panda Dada
Panda Dada
I changed my picture to getting run over by a harrier jump jet.
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Julie Redknapp
Julie Redknapp
Ross + Richard + Elaine = Diarrheal Necrosis
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Panda Dada

Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
Panda -Was that jet on your profile a Harrier?
26 minutes ago ·
Panda Dada
Panda Dada
yes.i am a tart.i didn't have to be when i was 20...yes a jump jet. you tube has it..Something like a close shave with..i will check...yes..close shave with a fighter jet.
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Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
Thanks, definitely a Harrier jump jet that you put on your profile picture for the first time, in this link of Julies?
20 minutes ago ·

Julie Redknapp
Julie Redknapp
Rossalyn, you are a complete failure. Your efforts to garber support for your god-code movement is a failure. Your effort to convince us that you are not Richard is a failure. Your attempts at humour and wit are a massive failure. Your anagram skill is shit....

Yesterday you couldn't explain what the code is good for and ran away when I challenged you to prove that it does anything at all, so shut up you thumbdick little man.
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Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
This is what Panda said when
he changed his profile picture further up in
this comment thread that started when Julie
tried to take the piss out of God's ability to show
her a code by using ROSS ELAINE RICHARD to try
to be a smart ass with Satanic overtones, as I tried
to tell her, there are two sides to it as I, with God's
help am now able to demonstrate -

Panda Dada - I changed my picture to getting run
over by a harrier jump jet.
2 hours ago · Report

This is what I found that "'ulies' mocking code also
says -·


7 minutes ago ·
It later turned out that the jet picture Panda posted may not
actually be that of a Harrier but that is not the point.
The point is that by use of his picture he brought up the
subject of the Harrier in the comments to Julie's post about
anagrams of ROSS ELAINE RICHARD and the code in that
proves that the timed Harrier subject was predetermined
in the very thing that Julie tried to use to mock God's reality and the synchronised nature of the designed codes.
She cannot grasp that what this proves is that the idea to use the three names to mock the plan was planted in her mind by God as part of the plan. Poor Julie cannot stand that thought, she blames it on Satan.
Mind you if this next example is anything to go by it's
no wonder.
Julie removed it after I pointed out that she needs
help with the three R's -

Julie Redknapp commented on "Arrest Blair For Crimes Against Peace" Is A Group For Ultra Morons!'s wall post:

"Rossalyn/Elaine/Ross, to answer your yes or no question whether or not ELAINE ROSS RICHARD is an anagram of HARRIER NAILS CODES, the answer is a clear and simple NO.


You are wrong again..... shemale!"

It's very clear and SIMPLE right enough Julie. Obviously Richard only has one R , how silly I am.

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