Friday, 19 February 2010

Anniegrams and bean pooh Omens!

This rather wonderful display of precision synchronicity happened this morning, it is directly related to the BEANO synchronicity shown in the What a gas post a few days ago, Julie uses Annie Oakly as her icon -
Annie Oakley (born Phoebe Ann Mosey [2][3][4] August 13, 1860– November 3, 1926) was an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Oakley's amazing talent[5] and timely rise to fame[6] led to a starring ...
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Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
32 minutes ago ·
Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
It's an Anniegram.
7 minutes ago ·
Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
I think it also relates to the
picture just below this on Stephen's foxy
post -

about a minute ago

Stephen Steff Walls

Stephen Steff Walls Gordon Brown Thousands of people who back the ban on fox hunting today .....

Julie Redknapp
I love how our resident
shemale Rossalyn makes inane and unfunny
and then comments on them solo for days.
3 hours ago ·
Julie Redknapp
Julie Redknapp
Incidentally, I did have
my real photo on my profile up until I
joined the "MORON" group as I started
receiving peculiar messages and friend
requests from MORONS. I do not like
MORONS to see my face online.
MORONS looking at my face would
make me nervous,
but insane, moronic, split-personality,
conspiracy-theory obsessed, shemales
looking at my photo would leave me
unable to sleep.
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Elaine Kelly
Time for more Beano I think
you are on the brink of
about an hour ago ·
Elaine Kelly
And let's really see who the
word INANE relates to - ANNIE!
50 minutes ago ·
Elaine Kelly
Elaine Kelly
You see -
If you can only mock the things you do
not understand,
It's because you are too dumb to see
that even that is planned.

Bloody FOXY bean pooh men at that! Nice shootin Annie.

Just in case somebody missed the point, the anagrams in capital letters are all anagrams of PHOEBE ANN MOSEY.

F O X.

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