Friday, 18 June 2010


Who is the O coder and why does it matter?

3.14159265 - PI TO ID ANA - 3.141592653589 - 22/7.

It matters because Ana is GOD.

What else do her Pi code links identify?

O LINKS PI 3.14159265, ARCHIMEDES 22/7 OBAN.

PI 3.14159265 ID'S OBAN - 3.141592653589 - 22/7.

3.1415926 - 3.141592653589 - 22/7 PIN OBAN'S ID.

Why? Watch Five Days in Varkala via the link on this page.

After the posting of the above I noticed that the letters PI are the next two numbers in the Pi sequence in the Ana ID line so -

3.14159265 - PI TO ID ANA - 3.141592653589 - 22/7.

Is also -

3.14159265 - 3.14159265358979 - 22/7. - TO ID ANA.

That's Pi three times.

There are 27 numbers describing Pi and that leaves 7 letters and those letters say TO ID ANA.

The thing that has always been the reason for the code.

Are people so stupid that it requires the destruction of Oban too?

For God's sake, are most readers of this so retarded that they cannot see that -

3.14159265 - 3.14159265358979 - 22/7. - TO ID ANA.

Does not happen by chance?

3.1415926535 PI IN O DATA - 3.141592653589 - 22/7.
In that line there are 9 letters that say PI IN O DATA.
Every letter is a Pi number,
PI IN O DATA even tells you that - 9 PI No DATA.

It even says this -

3.14159265 PI RATIO - 3.14159265358 AND 22/7.

WOW, Here's the absolute proof that all language and time itself is based, by divine intelligence, around the mathematical constant Pi -

PI - 3.14159265. - 3.14159265 - 3.14159265 - PI - 22/7.

Here it is again -

PI - 22/7.

That's the code God led me to in 2002 and I didn't know it until today.

The PH exchange rule in the code is explained in the Varkala film

3.1415926 -
3.1415926 -

3.1415926 -
3.1415926 -

That's a clue about a mini key involving the letters in the Pi numbers that must somehow verify what the key is. I know what they say but am keeping it private for now.


  1. Dear Brother,

    There is no need to be frustrated. Those who choose to see will do so independent of your passionate and caring efforts.

    Ana's Infinite Numeric Harmony is the Joy for all to know who choose to open their Hearts.

    Save our own Hearts, it is a choice beyond our control. Let it go, Ross. Let it be.

    Yours in (Peace * (22/7)),

    Patrick Scott Donovan (a fellow Player who entered our Stage on a May Sunday in Indiana 5/3/53)

    P.S. It really does matter where the parentheses go, eh Ross? Especially when attempting to express a multiplication of Peace with Infinity instead of 22 followed by a division of the product by 7. ;-) I know you are smiling. As expressed by the sequence of parentheses, timing is everything. Infinite Peace to You, Brother, and to All Who Choose It.

  2. Well, I suppose that answers my question!