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The Magdalene link.

The Magdalene link started (although we did not know it) when I met a wonderful lady called Sam (she is mentioned in the God's proof video).

We met in Varkala, she was the first person to see the film outside of Skylark where the film was made.
It happened because the hurriedly completed film started off as a 30 Gig document on Alexis Nolet's computer, he had a plane to catch and we had nowhere to store it so Alexis went in search of someone with hard drive space and found it in a cafe on Varkala cliff where Sam's husband worked.
Sam was profoundly affected by the film and her husband turned up at skylark asking for a large number of copies of my books on Sam's behalf, she wanted to send them to all her friends.

Sam was just about to leave Varkala at the time we met the following day. It was a profoundly 'DejaVu -ish' meeting for both of us.

When she got to London she emailed us and told us that something very powerful had happened to her on the plane but did not go into details about what it was.
At that time we were not aware of the fact that the film of Dan Brown's Da Vinci code novel was made by Skylark productions. Sam saw that film on that plane and immediately noticed the Skylark link but did not mention that in her emails either. We only got to know about it a month or so later when someone gave a disc of the film to my son Michael.

Sam stayed in constant contact with us by email and told us about synchronicity that kept happening to her that was linked to the number 22. The code links at that time totally verified the fact that Sam was connected to that number, there is too much detail to include here but a lot of it is on the timesfinalrose website.

Two years later we left India and flew to London, the timing of that flight was not our own choice as we had had to spend six months in Delhi waiting for permission to leave from the Indian government as we had overstayed our visas by three and a half years and they don't like that.

On arrival in Britain we had nowhere to go so Sam invited us to visit her until we got ourselves sorted out with accommodation.

When we got to her house in Leyton the single notepad calendar page on her kitchen wall just said 22.
We all noticed that of course but there was something we did not realise until a year later that was directly connected to the thing that Sam had not explained that had happened to her when she watched the Da Vinci code film on that plane.

What actually happened is that when the subject of Brown's story came on to Mary Magdalene Sam started tingling all over and went into a state of shock, she knew that there was something profoundly important about it.
She told me about that in an email after we had left London and had been living here in Scotland for six months.

One day a few weeks later after pondering the reason for her Magdalene link the subject of the 22 synchronicity came up in emails from Sam again and at that time the next discovery happened.

I walked into my living room and noticed a book that I had not looked at for a long time sitting in my book case and I knew I had to pick it up. The book is called The Templar Revelation and it covers much the same ground as The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail (the book that Dan Brown based his Da Vinci code novel on) does.

I started reading again about the secret of Rennes Le Chateau ( which is actually the code) and the discoveries made by the priest Sauniere and immediately noticed something on the page that I had opened the book on. It was the fact that Sauniere was very concerned with connections to the number 22 and connections to Mary Magdalene.

The chapel that he was priest of was dedicated to Mary Magdalene and he coded the number 22 into just about everything he built in the chapel grounds.

When I investigated this in the code I found that the code identifies Mary's number as 22, the same as Sam.
Sam was about to come to spend a week with us at that time in May last year and the timing of her arrival here was also directly connected to the MM link by the timing of the yearly Sarah festival that happens every year in France near Rennes le Chateau, that celebrates the legend of the arrival of MM and a girl named Sarah, who are reputed to have landed there by boat after the time of the crucifixion with two other Mary's..

It was at that point just before Sam came to see us that Elaine discovered the fact that Saint MM's feast day is celebrated on July 22nd and also the fact that July 22nd is Pi day.

Of course, when Sam arrived we had a lot to talk about concerning this subject but it was not until after she had left that a real stunner hit me. The 22 on Sam's calendar on the day that we arrived from India was not just any old 22nd of the month - IT WAS THE 22ND OF JULY.

After Sam's visit the 22 synchronicity and connected code information kept on happening until we came round to the time of July last year.
As it has this time the code was connecting July 22nd to the OBAN warning, I had only just at that time discovered the code's profound connection to the mathematics of Pi and did not realise that the two things were linked until this year as my recent blog posts demonstrate.
So we waited to see what would happen.
On July 21st reports of a fishing boat from Cumbria called the Aquilla sinking with the loss of three lives off the west coast of Scotland began to hit the mainstream news.

On July 22nd there was a radio news report from OBAN. It turned out that the Cumbrian fishermen that died used Oban as their base while fishing the west coast waters away from home and that their home port, the town where they all came from is called Maryport.

The 22 synchronicity continued after that and has not stopped since then.

It was on the 22nd of September last year that Helen Kogan contacted me after not hearing from her for a long time, she had previously seen the Varkala film in another town in India and made contact with me by email.

Then the dialogue that led to me starting the blog and posting THE BIG ONE occurred and the rest is history.
Helen is the lady who very recently played a major part in the synchronicity that recently happened with Max Igan, Brett Ryan and Eloise that has led to an escalation of the July 22nd 2010 date warning in such an astonishingly profound Pi linked way. That synchronicity started for her on the flight on the way to see Brett Ryan (B.Ryan) in Sydney when she watched an on board movie called Love Happens in which the principal characters are Burk Ryan (B.Ryan) and Eloise, just before she went with B.Ryan to visit Max Igan in Byron bay and met Max's friend Eloise who's birthday is July 22nd.

Before I discovered that Barry Ryan (B.Ryan) wrote and performed the song Eloise.

Byron bay, the place where the code linked spiral in the sky just happened, and what does the Byron Spiral code link ? - Pi, and July 22nd.

I found this further code link today.


Lord was originally a feminine title so Ana is often referred to in her code as Lord Ana or Lord Isis.

Things like 'Saints' days are all part of her knowledge even though they are used by the negative side to promote their corruption but on the positive side are used as timing proofs.

For the record -

1) Helen Kogan's re-link to me on the 22nd of September last year just as the 22 synchronicity and related code links were happening in ernest was timed precisely one month before her father Sam's birthday on October 22nd, the day Hurricane Rick fizzled out as it made landfall on the part of the Mexican Californian penninsula where Magdalena bay and Islas Magdalenas are.
On that day an earthquake happened in that same place.

2) Now Max Igan's Echidna link is seen to be connected to the vans on the Florida airbase and DICK CHENEY and the BP oil disaster, the very subject that Max was covering on his radio broadcast when the Echidna payed him a visit..


Cerberus was the guard to the gates of hades, sometimes described as a dog or a wolf and the original “hound from hell”. Cerberus had three heads & its said a serpents tail, like the Chimera it was said to be the offspring of Echidna and the Dragon Typhon. This creature crops up not only in greek myth but also in ROMAN myth. Said to have been placated with honeyed cakes mourners would place them in coffins to appease the beast. Any spirit attempting to leave hades was said to have been torn apart by the savage guardian.

See the recent Echidna posts.

3) The church at the war memorial in Billericay mentioned in my book is the church of St Mary Magdalene.

4) Northern Rock collapsed on my birthday.

5) A message to the Israeli government and it's American lapdogs -

Watch Schindler's list and remember to your deep shame what it is that you have become. Let it deliver you from further evil.

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