Wednesday, 23 June 2010


PI - 3.14159265. - 3.14159265 - 3.14159265 - PI - 22/7.


Bear in mind that in order for that to happen the alphabet had to be arranged in the precise numerical order that it is and the 34 letter key that I was originally led to complete in 2002 had to contain exactly the correct number of 1's 2's 3's 4's 5's 9's 6's and 7's to demonstrate Pi in the two ways that it does, while leaving the precise four letters that label the Pi demonstrations by the words PI and PI. AND NO OTHER LETTERS.

Another way of putting it is this -

In regard to Pi and the recent big discovery, think about it in terms of winning the lottery.
To win the lottery you have to get maybe the right 6 numbers and not many people actually do out of the millions that enter.

The odds against the thing that I just discovered having occurred by chance are not millions to one they are many trillions to one.

The entire key that I have been using for 8 years without knowing it is 100% based on the numbers of Pi.
Pi is a fixed mathematical constant, it is not something even God can make up, she could only design the numbers that describe it.
These are the 34 letters of the key in letter and number form -

PI 22/7.

Pi is an infinite sequence of numbers. Not only does the key demonstrate part of the Pi sequence to 8 decimal places 3 times as well as identifying Archimedes 22/7 Pi ratio, but the Pi number sequence it demonstrates ARE THE FIRST 9 NUMBERS OF THE INFINITE PI SEQUENCE.

Think about that while considering this - There are potentially many billions of possible combinations of 34 letters yet THE 34 that I was led to contains precisely the right number of letters having the correct equivalent number to display that Pi proof while leaving 4 letters that say Pi and Pi to label the two types of Pi formula demonstrated by them. Those four letters prove that the Pi numbers in the key are intentional and that the coder, who was obviously not me arranged it to end all possible doubt.

It makes winning the lottery very very small fry and it makes the fact that God designed the key an absolute certainty.

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