Thursday, 17 June 2010

Masta Keyss.

Yesterday I was contacted by a man in Jamaica named Matt who goes by the name Masta Keyss on FaceBook.

Today I sent him this message and these personal code proofs -

Did you see all the recent links to Pi and Pi day in the code on the blog? (See last month's posts Oban's Pi links and Oban's Pi day warning.)

Way back in 2000 I discovered that TT is the O code symbol for Pi. Last year 7 years after the key was completed I discovered the fact that the code was formulated around the Pi numbers -

BIAS TO No PI - 3.1315926535 - ARCHIMEDES 22/7.

Here's your own personal Pi proof in the code -

MASTA KEYSS, PI 3.141592653589 - TT IN O CODE.

3.141592653589 AS PI IN CODE TO MATT KEYSS.

Timed too -

MATT'S INCREDIBLE 17.6.10 PI KEY - 3.13159265.

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