Wednesday, 23 December 2009

22 Still rings true.

Earlier postings on this blog starting with THE BIG ONE? clearly demonstrate the fact that an ongoing chain of timed warning hints linked to the 22nd of the month is really happening.

On the 17th of December I reported the fact that I had been given EARTHQUAKE synchronicity when I received an email titled EARTHQUAKE just as my little son Andrew shouted the word earthquake. My response was to send a message back to say that there was going to be another one, meaning one that matters. I knew that the 22nd was only a few days away.

Sure enough a very meaningful moderate (5.1) quake hit the same part of the central Chile coast as the one on the 22nd of November. The coast of Chile is one of the two places that THE BIG ONE synchronicity points to as a danger zone connected to the warning. It was not the magnitude of yesterdays quake that is important, it's the timing.

Two days after the EARTHQUAKE email 30 earthquakes were reported at Mt Etna in Sicily. Timed Mt Etna events are also connected to this warning so when that happened it reinforced the clue that an earthquake of significance was coming. This is the report of it on John Seach's website -

Saturday 19th December 2009
Mt Etna Volcano, Italy

A swarm of earthquakes occurred at Mt Etna volcano on 19th December. More than 30 earthquakes occurred in the swarm, with the largest being magnitude 4.6. The swarm was located under the northwest side of the volcano.

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