Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Who governs Yahoo content?

Today I tried again with my time travel question and the same thing happened. I then re wrote the question like this -

What do you think about this?

I was unexpectedly shifted in time physically, to a different location 33 years in the past and witnessed by two people who saw me and reported it at the past time. Then I was shifted back again. I was not the only person that made that journey. How does that statement alter your idea about the nature of reality?
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Additional Details

I should add that it happened for a specific and important reason. The location and time that we were shifted to was not a random one.

3 hours ago

The full account of this can be seen in a book text on this blog

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Two people answered it, one abusively, then a short time later it was gone from the public list.

Censorship speaks louder than the words that are removed.

To prove it was there before it was not -

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Open Questions in Philosophy

True to the message of the 22 date link there was a 5.1 eathquake on the coast of central Chile today. The place that the code says will be part of the big one.
On the 22nd of last month the same thing happened.

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