Saturday, 19 December 2009

Bipolar reality.

This question appeared on YA today, My answer to it is what this blog is all about -

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Do you think God is a guy or girl?! and why?

Do you think God is a guy or girl?! and why?
I think God is a girl.

My reasons?
1) Girls create Guys destroy. In most cases.
2) WW2 & 1 are started by Man.
3) Men rule the world. Men make the rules. Men created God in their image.
there are more, but i want to hear your thoughts on this.

God is a bipolar mind, the expression of gender by that mind is a way of describing different aspects of polarity just as you did in your question. The feminine is the positive polarity and the masculine negative. There are cycles on earth, time periods when each of the two polarities are in the driving seat, right now the negative masculine ignorance is on the point of destroying the whole caboodle and will succeed unless the feminine knowledge of the positive comes back and changes humanity by the real enlightenment.During a negative time the idea that God is masculine allows men to live the lie of being superior to women, by this corrupt manipulation of thought they literally get away with murder on the grand scale. The feminine time is not like this, thank God(dess)

For the last 13 years the feminine positive compassion has been actively working to prevent the negative from destroying life on earth. In 1996 an intervention took place by means of which an ultimatum was delivered in an astonishing way directly to British intelligence, the Vatican and the CIA. they have done their best to hide it ever since because, unfortunately, insanity is their lot.
Details about all this can be found at

Read Little Book Big Secret on the blog and watch the films if you really want to know what they have been hiding from you.

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