Monday, 14 December 2009

Nicole Kidman.

  • Yesterday I put this question on YA.

    Do you think there could be a philosophical reason why MAIN CODE LINK is a perfect anagram of NICOLE KIDMAN?

    You may be surprised by the real answer to that question.
    • 16 hours ago
    • - 3 days left to answer.

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    • First I need to know what "Main code link" means. I have no idea what that is.

      This question caught my eye, though, because within the past month, I've gradually become bewildered by Nicole Kidman's prominence in every form of media I encounter. I've even started philosophizing about her life, why she has become who she is, quite unexplicably (although this isn't the first time Ive asked that question). So please tell me more. You say, "You may be surprised by the real answer to that question". I'm listening.

      I sent an email back recommending the God's Proof film to this person but she responded by telling me that her broadband link wasn't good enough to watch films. So then I suggested that she read Little Book Big Secret.

      I got this response this morning -

      Hello...I hope you receive this.
      I’m not sure what you received of my reply, but it sounds like you did read the part on how I have just recently had my attention focused, almost unnaturally, on Nicole Kidman. I’m not interested in her as an actress, etc, so it’s strange how I have begun to wonder what it’s all about...a feeling like “there’s something not quite right” when I see her photo. It’s similiar to how some people say they suddenly start seeing the clock when it’s at 11:11.

      At that point I learned that her name is Maryann. She went on to say that she's not sure that she will believe my theory but that she will read the book. I then sent this reply -

      Hi, Thanks for that.

      I think you will see after reading the book text that this has nothing to do with theory.

      The amazing events mentioned in my book really happened.
      Synchronicity including 11.11 digital watch synchronicity played a major role in it. It was synchronicity that was used to lead me to the code 3 years later too.
      I also am not a Nicole Kidman fan but the anagrams of her name exist for a reason that is directly connected to the code plan in the master key and timed events in her life. These are two more Nicole Kidman anagrams, DO CINEMA LINK and A DEMONIC LINK. Seven years after finding that I found out why. She is not the demonic thing but that demonic link proved to be both precise and real, it is connected to 911.

      Then I looked at the code and sent her this -

      Here's a big clue for you. The anagram code demonstrated on my blog is synchronised to time to help people to see. It's a plan.

      The code is called the O code or just O.. Yesterday, 13.12.09 is the date the Nicole clue made you respond, after first having been made to feel what you have been feeling about it, that there is something about her you just can't put your finger on. My initials are R.K.

      This is an anagram of the code key -


      Think about that. I discovered the formula in 2002.

      Then I found this instruction to me in the code -


      And then today, 14.12.09 I found the reason for this particular link to Nicole Kidman. Last night, the day of the link, the last thing that got put on the blog was a code line linked to the timing of The Susan Boyle story on TV.

      There is a date coded in the letters of the name BOYLE. It is this one -
      23.5.07. That is the date shown in the God's proof film, the date that Nicole as Sarah Ashley in Bowen Australia timed the 911 dead number.
      The Sarah date on which her role as main code link was proven. This shows that it was planned to be that way.


      Today is the day Maryanne sent me her name and enabled the code to use her as a timer of the link to Nicole -


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