Sunday, 20 December 2009


Today I tried three times to post this question on YA and it never appeared in the questions list.
It is a perfectly viable inoffensive honest philosophical question yet it was blocked. The question appears in my questions list on my profile page but not in the public one. Why? Is it legal for them to deny free speech in this way?

If time travel actually happened to someone how would that change your perception of life?

In 1996 my wife and I stepped off a train in Amersham station and landed on Billericay station platform in 1963. Billericay is the town I grew up in. I knew where we were immediately as I recognised old familiar faces that I had not seen since I was a child. Two girls in the station were people I knew when I was 11 years old, one of them was a classmate of mine. Back when I was 11 in 1963 the same two girls reported their encounter with the two strangers at the station who knew all about them. As a boy I heard their stories about it and thought it was nuts. One of the girls thought the two strangers were communist spies because my wife was wearing a green jumper with a big red five pointed star on it. In 1996 I discovered the shocking truth about that incident.
This means that in 1963 1996 was already happening and that in 1996 1963 was still happening.

You don't know if this statement is true, I can assure you that it is but that's beside the point. How would the actual fact of it being true change the way you think.

There was a reason why it happened. Anyone who wants to know what that reason is can find more detail in the free book linked to this blog -

Maybe it's because the same people allow this?

love,wealth,famousness, every thing that i have .in other hand no relax as well as joy? how would get it come?

Then later today this happened, I answered this question and they removed the answer, what the hell is wrong with these people?

How much significance do words have To You?

Hi ross,

The answer you gave on Yahoo! Answers was reported by the Answers community:

"Words have a far greater significance than people give them credit for, even the bible says the word came first and from the word came all things. It happens to be correct. A question about the Latin words ARS MAGNA and their english anagram ANAGRAMS baffled most people who cannot conceive of the possibility that the source of all things is also the source of all language and therefore that apparent time differences between the time of the Latin words and the English anagram don't mean a thing. All was created around the mathematics of the word, even you. Those people I mentioned may never know how close they came to discovering a very big secret."

This answer has been removed.

On appeal it was reinstated the following day. I am leaving it here because I want people to see it.

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