Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Little Book Big Secret.

This is the foreword from my book Little Book Big Secret -part one written in 2006.

The whole book may be read via the link on this blog.


Having lived through eleven hard frustrating fruitful and busy years that have elapsed since the extraordinary events described in this book started happening, during which time I spoke to a large number of people, I have reached a number of conclusions about human nature and the way people think.

One of them is that it seems that the education system has taught people how to remember and repeat what they have been taught but it has failed to teach them how to properly apply their own faculty of reason in order to reach their own certain conclusions when given adequate information that should enable them to do precisely that.

Another, as the popularity of books like The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail and the Da Vinci Code novel indicate, is that the majority of people like to be amused by mystery and theories that keep unanswered questions open but have a fear of discovering actual truth that may cause them to have to reconsider the way they think. People do not want to have to question the teachings that they have already accepted as the real truth.

While a mystery remains a mystery, just something to ponder in otherwise idle moments it does not pose a threat to the established beliefs that we like to hold on to in order to feel safe in this insecure world.

We like to feel that we are in charge of our lives despite the fact that things that are outwith our individual control happen on a daily basis. Like the threat of Global warming for example. The ice melting in the arctic.

Many people were reluctant to accept that we have a problem until the evidence became so overwhelming that they were forced to concede the fact that they were wrong.

We prefer to cling to comfortable beliefs that enhance our feelings of security rather than facing realities that may put a damper on our thoughts, a shadow over our hopes.

We tend to select the beliefs that we like and reject ideas and even facts that make us feel uncomfortable, as even now some global warming skeptics still do.

We are quite naturally optimists and that is why, as Al Gore puts it, sometimes the truth is inconvenient. It is not easy to be optimistic about global catastrophe so the tendency is not to think too much about it yet it is foolish and dangerous to think that it could never happen.

For some people it already has.

As more people are now beginning to realise, sometimes if we do not face the truth in time to react to it there are consequences that will inevitably be faced to our cost a little later on.

The truth is therefore, however uncomfortable it may feel, our friend. It shows us when to act to avoid unwanted problems.

The truth is wisdom's guide, it is our real helper, that is, it is our helper if we heed it.

The truth becomes our judge when we do not.

Lies on the other hand are not our helper. Lies deny us the wisdom that the heeding of the truth supplies.

Lies are very dangerous things.

Liars are very dangerous people.

I think most people know that and that it is the reason why they do not want to think that they are being lied to or kept in ignorance by their leaders. It is frightening to think that our lives are in the hands of people that we cannot trust. People who keep secrets.

Is that why so many people continue trusting them despite the obvious irresponsibility that some of them so blatantly display, because they are afraid that they are liars?

Irresponsibility like not signing up to the Kyoto protocol despite the obvious and ominous truthful disaster signs that show us clearly that sane people would sign up to it.

Melting glaciers, mega hurricanes, scorching fires, catastrophic floods.

Surely the errant leaders can see those signs too.

Just as surely as we can see that the truth is giving us a signal about the true nature of such people.

Although most people are yet unaware of it another signal has occurred on this planet, one by means of which the truth may help us see.

One that has been hidden from the majority of the members of the human race on purpose, one that must not remain hidden if the truth really is to set us free and save what remains of the life on Earth.

It is a signal much greater than even the ones that Al Gore has been working so hard to help us to appreciate.

One that leaves no room for debate, one that ends the argument about whether or not life on Earth is in jeopardy.

A signal that was given to our governments that scared them so much they dare not speak of it.

As one of the few other witnesses to the way in which that secret signal was supplied I am morally bound to try to ensure that the people of this world become aware of it because knowledge of what was hidden is the one thing that may save this world when Kyoto and incompetent leadership fail to do so.

Global warming is only a symptom of a much greater problem. It is a sign by which we all may see that something is dangerously wrong with the way we conduct our business on this planet, the way we live our lives.

Before the astonishing way in which that hidden signal happened is revealed to the reader of this book I would like you to consider this question with honesty for a while.

What do you really know about life?

I don’t mean what you think you know because other people taught you what they thought they knew. I mean what do you know that you know?

The reason why I ask is that what you do know almost certainly will not have prepared you for what you are about to learn. Or for the proof that you will see.

My partner Elaine and I found out the greater truth, the real big picture, a hard way. We had no choice in what happened just as you have no sensible choice but to accept the fact that it did.

Denial of the fact of it will not negate reality. Wanting it to be untrue because it doesn’t fit the view of life that you have been taught to hold will only add to the insecurity from which you try to hide by that denial. It will put you in great danger.

This book was written in the hope that knowledge of the real truth will change the world for the better for everyone and unite the people with a common knowledge.

Knowledge that can no longer be hidden by the greedy liars and the false doctrines of the so called holy men

If it doesn’t succeed there is nothing else that will because the fate of this world is in the hands of the people who hid the truth from you. They hid the true wonder of life and kept you in ignorance about the most important event that has occurred in this world in recent times in order to keep you subservient to them as men of their kind have done to the 'common' people for centuries.

The time has now come when the exposure of that evil by the revealing of the truth really matters to us all.

Unless we take notice of the truth - we will fall.

This book is written in the first person because it is the testament of a witness. Please do not make the error of thinking that it is a book about me.

Ross Kelly.

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